Real Life Mysteries

Our strange world, filled with real life mysteries.

  • Legendary boiling river turns out to be real

  • Geoscientist Andres Ruzo first heard about the river as a child and spent years trying to locate it.
  • Study of Sea Monsters Helps Greater Understanding

  • Dr. Charles Paxton, a researcher, statistician and ecologist at Scotland's University of St. Andrews, maintains that spottings of sea monsters are useful in more than one way. He notes that anecdotal evidence, when utilized in the correct manner, can provide information about both people's perception and the unexplained.
  • Most Haunted B&Bs in America

  • You'll want to leave the light on at these haunted B&Bs, where the restless spirits of former guests go bump in the night.
  • The 10 Scariest People Who Ever Lived

  • Power corrupts. Don't believe us? Just get your ouija board out and ask Maximilien de Robespierre...
  • Spirit of Little Girl in NSW Pub

  • This CCTV is from The Shaws Hotel in East Ballina, New South Wales. The motion sensor security camera was triggered and started filming what locals are saying is the ghost of a baby girl called Sarah who died there over a century ago - in unexplained circumstances.
  • 'Ghost' photobombs pub photo in Liverpool

  • An actress and her friends discovered an unexpected extra in a photograph taken during a night out.